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1. Is a self-help possible?

First have a look at  Help yourself, if you haven't done it yet.


2. Contact

Get into contact with us, preferably by phone +49 551 632804. Note: "+49" is in most countries "0049", calling from the USA it is "01149". 

We are available at every time and day. 

We will send you a letter of secrecy by fax if you wish. 


3. Sending of the damaged database

Now we will need your damaged database in order to make a diagnostic. If you are able to send us an old backup copy (preferred) or another empty database of the same structure in addition it will speed up our work. Compress the database files with a packer like WINZIP so that the data transfer will be accelerated. 

You can send us the files by e-mail () or by using our ISDN servers or by mail. We are able to receive e-mail with attachments up to 250 MB. We can receive your file via FTP, too. Please call us for the user account and password. In case your data are very personal or secret we would recommend you to encode the files with Blowfish. Blowfish is a freeware tool and it is as simple to handle as WinZIP i.e. 

Another way is to transfer them using our ISDN servers which we will open for you. The data will then be transferred via ISDN bypassing the Internet. You have to expect one hour for the transfer per each 30 MB.   

In case there is no rush or the data have an extraordinary size, you can store them on a compact disc and send them to us either by express messenger or by normal mail (Atroplan GmbH, Über den Beekhoefen 4, 37079 Goettingen, Germany).


4. Diagnostic

After having examined your data, we will contact you and we will explain the diagnostic. You will receive the result of the diagnostic within the following 8 hours from time of arrival of your data. But we are much faster in many cases. 

Until here our service is free for you.


5. Order

If you want us to rescue your damaged database, we will send you a order form by fax. Sign it and fax it back to us. Please note that you have to confirm us with the order that you are the owner of the database. To avoid any abuse, we want to have an confirmation of the owner mentioned in the database if different from yourself or your company. 


6. Getting back the rescued database

After a successful data rescue we will call you and you can get your database back the same way you have send it to us.

Normally a data rescue takes us less than 18 hours (counted from the time of arrival until the time of sending back). But you can also order an express service where we can guarantee you a rescue within only 8 hours.





Atroplan GmbH

Ueber den Beekhoefen 4

37079 Goettingen, Germany
Directoring manager: Thilo Immel





Phone:       +49 551 632804  Note: "+49" is in most countries "0049", calling from the USA it is "01149"

Fax:           +49 551 63660

Ask for:      Thilo Immel,  English and German speaking